Wild West Mustang Ranch

Wild West Mustang Ranch
Essential Oils for Horse and Rider

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Farm First Aid Kit

Today we are making these First aid kits for the farm. One for the truck and one for the Barn. We use Essential oils daily to promote health and wellness of our family and the animals in our care. 
 We have chosen each oil carefully and only use Doterra brand oils here on the Ranch because they are CPTG, are safe to take internally, all natural and  can be used on everyone, including the animals.
On Guard is the Protective Blend created by DoTerra especially for boosting the immunity, Breathe is the Doterra "respiratory Blend" and placed under the nose before cutting hay can assist with allergies, Lavender promotes calming in case of an upset, Peppermint is amazing especially in a nice cold glass of water on those hot summer days in the hay baler for hours on end, keeps me awake and alert. Deep blue is great for all aches and pains that may be caused by a very large heifer that steps on your toe... Lemon is a great cleanser and I like to drink it in my water and also put a few drops in the metal horse troughs. We have used DoTerra's specific DigestZen (the digestive Blend) many times for Colicing horses here at The Ranch and it does a great job getting relief to the animal as it is in much discomfort, it works great on the tummy if one had a rather large chili dog with onions for lunch as well, just sayin.... And last but not least the final oil in my emergency kit is a small bottle of fractionated coconut oil to dilute any of the oils on the spot if one is too strong or has gotten accidentally into one's eye, "Not that I have ever done that before..." But boy does it burn. There are many many more uses for each of the Oils listed above so feel free to do some research and see for yourself what a gift they are. http://www.mydoterra.com/wktaylor/
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