Wild West Mustang Ranch

Wild West Mustang Ranch
Essential Oils for Horse and Rider

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pampering the hard working cowboy

In today's busy world we sometimes forget to pamper ourselves. It's all about choice, do I choose to keep pushing until my cup is drained or do I take 5 minutes here... 10 minutes there to rejuvenate me?
These are all natural home made bath bombs using doterra essential oils. I just plop one in the tub and yum, it smells wonderful and inhaling in the scent immediately brings me to a calm and relaxed state where I can reflect on the days events as I soak in the warm water and wash away the stresses and smells of the Ranch.
Many of our illnesses are created by our emotions. I read from the "emotions and Essential oils book" to educate myself. In recognizing my emotions, then applying the appropriate essential oil I am creating
a healthier physical body.

Working with a horse here at the Wild West Mustang Ranch is an amazing beautiful and even spiritual experience. However... Being outdoors in the sun, wind, rain or any of natures elements can take a toll on our physical body. Taking time daily to stretch, meditate and relax is just what I deserve to rejuvenate me for the next thing life throws my way.